Thursday, August 28, 2008

From the archives: Silent Art Auction '06

Here are a couples pictures from the main room of the Silent Auction I organized, which took place at the Long Haul on May 27 & 28, 2006. The show was open for viewing on these two days, then culminated in an evening emceed by former Hauler Jan Desrosiers on the 28th. Lots of artwork found homes, the profits went to the artists, and it was a fun time. Click images to enlarge.

These pieces are by Amy Drover (bunny suits), Elisabeth Belliveau (boxes), me (the painted railing), Jamie Allen and Corri-Lynn Tetz (paintings - both former Haulers):

Here's a detail of Amy's bunny suits:

Vanessa Yanow and Normand Hamel, in front of work by her (the painting peeking out at the far left), Wil Murray (small paintings in the hallway), me (the painting in the middle, and the small desk beneath the windows), Farha Dharsi (wool mobile), and Shelley Miller (the print to the right):

And here are some bios of the participating artists that were put together for the event:

Saturday, August 9, 2008

Pindemonium #4 - June 2008

This year Lisa and Melissa proposed they hold their annual Pindemonium event at the Long Haul Gallery. We were delighted to host this unique and interactive art event! The concept is that each exhibitor designs a pin for the show and then Lisa and Melissa punch out 10 or 20 pins of each design for both display and trade (they made over 1000 pins for this show!?). On the night of the event each of the artists procures their bundle of pins and trades them with other pin holders. Lisa and Melissa make additional grab bags of miscellaneous pins for the public to buy and join the trade. It's a lovely opportunity to meet strangers, to check out the small format artwork, and to run around like you're a kid back in school trading stickers (or baseball cards) again! Below are some pictures from this exhibit...

Melissa and Lisa: Curators extraordinaire!

The exhibit.

Very clever and unique pin design: "Mon Portable" by Afke Benoit. Each pin was stuffed with dirt and little clover sprouts that she grew in advance, especially for the night of the trade. You had to water your little sprouted pin with a water dropper. Mine lasted 5 days.

My googly-eye pins, all ready to trade. Of course I was compelled to painstakingly make each pin a one-of-a-kind object. Wish we had more details of the individual pins, there were so many good ones!

Melissa giving an artist her pins. There were over 70 participants and about 100 people who came to the show.

The trade in action...